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SDI to HDMI/VGA/AV converter

Time:2018/12/11 16:39:18
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JYD-801 is a broadcast level multifunctional video converter which can convert SDI to HDMI, VGA and AV(CVBS) with functions of frame conversion, resolution conversion, image scale up/ down, color conditioning, image enhancement and adjustment, etc.. 


It can be used to all applications which need to convert SDI to HDMI, VGA and AV(CVBS), such as broadcasting, video teaching, long-distance video transmission, video conference, security monitoring and so on.   

Main featuees


High compatibility

Frame/ resolution conversion

Remote control

Web configuration management

7*24h continuous working


High compatibility, Wide application.
SD/HD/3G SDI input together with built-in SDI clock recovery circuit and line equalizer which can recover attenuation and distortion SDI signal after long-distance transmission.
HDMI/VGA/AV(CVBS) output simultaneously supported with self-defined resolution, independent audio output available.
HDMI/ VGA DDC function supported and can self-adaptively output the best mode of HDMI/ VGA.
OSD menu operation interface supported.
Advanced settings or firmware upgrading is available by connecting PC via USB.

High quality image conversion and image enhancement processing function to make sure the broadcasting level image quality.

10bit YUV4:2:2 conversion which can keep color undistorted.
Professional frame rate conversion, interlace/ progressive video conversion, video scaling up/down conversion, color adjustment and 3D noise reduction, which can guarantee the professional image conversion quality.
Blue screen display while signal loss,
  7*24h continuous working available.

High quality capacitors, PCB board, interface adopted which ensured the stability of the device, makes 7*24H continuous working available.

EMC and HDMI test passed, products have high compatibility and reliability.