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FTTH SC UPC Optical fibe quick

Time:2021/6/6 16:39:23
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Reusable manual connector for APC/UPC polished SC standard FTTH networks for Drop Flat Fiber Cable.

Specifications: The Reusable SC Connector Field Optical Fast Connector is designed for field use in Drop Flat (Low Friction) cables up to 3 mm and / or 2 to 3 mm Optical Cords in FTTH networks. Easily assembled, it does not require any special tools other than standard fiber optic preparation tools (cable stripper, fiber stripper, cleavage guide, cleaver and cleaning components). It is designed for simple and fast mechanical termination in the field, making it possible to reuse without losing its characteristics. Features: • Reusable connector without loss of features • APC/UPC pre-polishing • Simple and quick assembly • Lower installation time 3 min. • Low Insertion Loss = 0.3dB • Return Loss: = - 40dB • Reflection Rate: = 45 ~ 53dB • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ + 75 ° C