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3in1 Optical Power Meter Visual Fault

Time:2021/6/6 16:54:27
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1. Cable test function Operation method: Long press UNIT key for 3 seconds to open RJ45 test mode, then press to close RJ45 test mode 2. High quality imported laser head Penetrating farther, longer life. 3 new LED lighting features for dark work environment 4. Can choose 6 kinds of wavelength: 850nm.1300nm.1310nm.1490nm.1550nm.1625nm. Support three kinds of interface: FCinterface .SC interface, ST interface 5. Outgoing maintenance only one machine Function upgrade 3 in 1 Optical Power Meter + Visual Fault Locator + Network Cable Test 6.DIY self-calibration According to the actual test needs self-test parameters At the same time press the λ + REF + UNIT button, enter the user mode, the screen displays the letter "CAL" Press the "REF" and "UNIT" keys at the same time to restore the power meter to the factory state Button UNIT, reducing 0.05dB Press the power button. Save Press REF + UNIT: restore factory settings Press the key λ to switch the wavelength Press REF, increase 0.05dB Set the current test result as a reference value, make relative power measurement, the display will show the set DBM Specifications: Wavelength range: 800-1700 Connector: FC/SC/ST Detector type: InGaAs Measuring range: -70 to +3 Uncertainty: ± 5% Standard Wavelength (nm): 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm, Display resolution: linear display, 0.1% logarithmic display: 0.01dBm Red working wavelength: 650nm Red power: > 5mW Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60 ℃ Storage temperature: -25 ~ +70 ℃ Automatic shutdown time: 10min Battery continuous working hours (h): ≥48 Product Size: 118 * 68 * 30mm Power: 1.5VAAA * 2(Not included) Weight: 0.14KG