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Cable Tester Hot Sale

Time:2021/6/6 22:06:21
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1.Cable Tester for UTP STP RJ45(manual switch)
2.Automatic efficient scan for the miss wiring, disorder cable, open and short circuit
3.TEL BNC test available(Adapter needed)
4.Remotely test cable up to 1000 ft in length ( remote kit included )
5.Protective power switch for low power consumption
6.High quality protecive case provides more secure protection
7.Judge continuity of the cables or wires
8.Track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point
9.Receiver the tone signal on the cables or wires (telephone line)
10.Identify the state in the working telephone line (clear ring, busy)
11.Send a single solid tone or a dual alternating tone to the object cables or wires
1.Working current: Tester: 10mA Receiver: 30mA
2.Signal transfe mode: Digital signal
3.Signal output level: 8Vp-p
4.Signal transfer distance: 3Km
5.Dimension:Transmitter: 126x49x34mm Reveiver:175x42x25mm
6.Power: by 2 x DC 9V Battery( not included)
Package Included:
1 x Cable Emitter
1 x Cable Receiver
1 x RJ11 Cable
1 x RJ45 Cable
1 x Earphone
1 x Cable with Crocodile Clamp