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2 SC fiber 8 ports

Time:2021/6/7 20:11:57
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◆Supply power to Cat.5e/6 classes Ethernet wireless access point (AP) and network surveillance cameras (PoE)

◆8 * 10/100 /1000Mbps automatic adjustment RJ45 ports

2 10/100/1000M optical ports

◆Port 1-8 compatible with IEEE802.3af/at standard power supply

◆Meets the standards of the IEEE 802.3af/ IEEE 802.3 /IEEE 802.3u/IEEE 802.3ab

◆Flow Control Type: Full duplex adopts IEEE 802.3x standard, half duplex adopts back pressure standard

◆Network port has lighting-proof function (AC power port: differential mode +/-2kV, common mode +/-4kV)

◆Maximum PoE Power: 120W (all PoE ports, port 1 to port 8)

◆ Store-and-forward architecture, 2M forwarding memory

◆All ports support wire-speed switching, frame size within the range of 64 to 1536 can achieve wire-speed

◆Wall-mounted design, easy to install and use

◆ Automatic adjustment, plug and play, no need software and protocol conversion

Target Industries ◆HD monitor transmission and power supply ◆Wireless AP layout transmission and power supply ◆Network telephone transmission , intelligent house and home system ◆Intelligent transportation supervisory system(ITS) ◆ High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System ◆ Security protection system, TV medical treatment ◆ Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring ◆ Long-distance broadcast television transmission system ◆ High-building Security Protection, Military Tele-Com projects

Ordering Information Product Model:CAM-PG2F8E Product Description:8-Port gigabit PoE switch+2- Port gigabit SFP optical ports. 8 PoE ports. Support PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af/at, Max power for each port is 30W. Total power is 120W.

Ordering Note:Default PoE power supply type is end-span (12, 36 line pair), mid-span (45, 78 line pair) can be customized

Technical parameter list

Product Name

10-Port Gigabit PoE Switch with 8 Gigabit PoE Ports+2- Port gigabit optical ports



Connector Type

8x 10/100/1000M copper RJ45 Ports (All ports support MDI/MDIX auto sensing) Port 1-8: PoE port, max PoE output for each port is 30W. 2x 10/100/1000M SFP optical port 9-10.

Network Media

100BASE-T: Cat5 UTP(≤100 meters); 1000BASE-TX: Cat5 or later UTP(≤100 meters);






IEEE 802.3i 10BASET IEEE 802.3u 100BASETX IEEE 802.3x Flow Control IEEE 802.3af/at

Power Supply

Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

PoE Ports

8*PoE Ports

PoE Port Power

Max 30W

PoE Standard


Working Environment

Operating Temperature: -20 ° ~ 55 ° C; Storage Temperature: -20 ° ~ 75 ° C; Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing; Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 95%, non-condensing; Working Altitude: 3000 m (10,000 ft); Storage Altitude: 3,000 m (10,000 ft)


CE Mark ,commercial CE/LVD EN60950


CE mark, commercial FCC Part 15 Class B VCCI Class B EN 55022 (CISPR 22), Class B

Power Supply Type

1,2(+)/3,6(-) (Default) ; 45(+),78(-) (Option)

Product Size