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Strategy is key tool needed

Time:2018/12/18 9:44:34
Strategy rises to the top of the tools list because Chinese transceiver vendors do not typically lead the market in technology development, but enter once high volumes are achieved and a mature product established. Innolight is bucking this trend; it is already focused on the data center opportunity and developing 10, 40, and 100Gbps transceivers. It is attacking the market through packaging, a good idea because this is one of the most expensive parts of the transceiver. Accelink has a history of introducing high-data-rate products but not delivering high volumes for these products. Hisense has internal laser design capabilities through its Archcom acquisition and a vertical integration strategy. Both Accelink and Hisense need to decide and proactively attack this market ¨C notwithstanding the challenges, they need to be mindful that the data center opportunity is the largest one for single-mode transceivers.